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Residents and Migrants of 2015
Presented by Jeff Bryant
Thursday, December 3, 7pm
Anita Purves Nature Center

Please note the change in venue for this event.
Jeff Bryant grew up in East-central Indiana and moved to Champaign, IL
in 1999. His background is in physics and astronomy and obtained his
masters degree in 1998 doing research in cataclysmic variable stars.
Although his career went in the direction of computer software, working
for Wolfram Research, his interest in astronomy grew to include
observing most forms of nature, not just the night sky. His interest in
birds started about 4 years ago, starting with backyard visitors, and
growing to include the larger birding world. His primary interest is
observing and photographing the nature and birds in our area.


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Each year CCAS reaches hundreds of people of all ages through bird walks, programs, field trips, bird counts, mini-grants, research grants and more! It is with great excitement that we get to see people introduced to the many joys of bird watching . . . to see their enthusiasm and know that they will share it with others in their lives.

Your support is an important investment in local bird advocacy and education about birds and their habitats. Please consider
supporting the Champaign County Audubon Society in your end-of- year charitable giving. Checks can be made out to CCAS and sent to PO Box 882, Urbana IL 61803. All donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you!
CCAS Board of Directors

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