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The Nature Shop has a selection of books to help you create a more wildlife friendly yard, as well a choice of many plant, bird and insect field guides. Visual and audio helps to learning birds and songs.  Binoculars, feeders and much more, including a wide variety of children's story and activity books. 10% discount for all Audubon members. Please remember us when gift shopping.

Sunday Morning Bird Walks See you in September!


BirdNote is a 2-minute radio show. Visit http://birdnote.org/ for more info.
Note: BirdNote is not the CCAS bird sighting listserve, Birdnotes.

Special Speaker in September!
Bird Conservation in the Great Lakes Region: Successes, Challenges, and Learning from the Passenger Pigeon
Josh Engel, Field Museum
Friday, Sept 26, 7pm
Urbana Civic Center
How can we learn from the past to stave off future extinctions, in a world where the obstacles can seem insurmountable? Josh Engel, from Chicago’s Field Museum, will give a presentation about passenger pigeons, extinction, and the human relationship with nature from a global perspective. He relates his own experiences in various places where he has seen both the destruction wrought by humans on natural systems as well as the attempts to save what remains. Mr. Engel will bring his global experience to the discussion to look at what has worked—and what hasn't—to protect biodiversity around the world.
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Audubon en Español
The National Audubon Society has launched a new section of their website, Audubon en Español, which will be the digital face of Audubon in the Spanish-speaking community. Audubon en Español, which you can access at http://espanol.audubon.org/ will be a new voice for birds – and will help make Audubon accessible to a diverse new audience.

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