About CCAS

The Champaign County Audubon Society (CCAS) began as a bird watching club in 1940. We became a chapter of the National Audubon Society in 1945. 

Today we have over 500 members! Our members are part of a thriving local group that is actively involved in the study, enjoyment, and conservation of native ecosystems.

We welcome your membership and invite your active participation!

Contact Us

Champaign County Audubon Society
P.O. Box 882
Urbana, Illinois

Email general inquiries or questions about the website here.

Birdnotes Listserve

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Please contact list manager Pam Leiter with any questions. 

Our Mission:
Promote interest, enjoyment and understanding 
about all aspects of our natural environment.
Actively encourage the protection of wildlife
and the preservation and restoration of native habitat.

Special Projects

  • Habitats & Monitoring: CCAS ‘adopts’ natural areas to support conservation efforts. These include: Meadowbrook Park in Urbana (adopted 1978), and the proposed CSX rail line trail (adopted 2008).
  • Dr. S. Charles Kendeigh Memorial Fund: An ornithologist of international stature, Dr. Kendeigh was one of our founding members. CCAS provides grants for bird-related research in his name. The RFP is posted each February, and is due in March.
  • Audubon Adventures: These educational kits for elementary classrooms are offered each fall. The materials are developed by the National Audubon Society.
  • Mini-grants: Mini-grants are available each year to educators in Champaign County.

Our members play an important role by volunteering to help with these committees:

  • Field Trip: Organizes field trips to exceptional birding locations.
  • Education and Program Committees: Plan programs for all ages and support educational efforts.
  • Conservation: Monitors legislative and administrative actions that affect the environment.
  • Newsletter and Publicity Committees: Handle the newsletter and other publicity.
  • Membership, Finance, and Hospitality Committees: Handle all those little, but essential, details.

Chapter Bylaws, updated March 2014

Board Members

President: Colin Dobson
Vice President: Roger Digges
Secretary: Jennifer Wick
Treasurer: John Dunkelberger (interim)

Committee Chairs
Bylaws: Roger Digges
Communications: Sara Johnson

Conservation: Jeff Peyton
Education: Tyler Owens
Field Trip: Beth Chato
Finance: Janet Jokela (interim)
Membership: Sara Johnson
Program: Alida deFlamingh

Members at Large 2020 & 2021
Jeff Peyton (Conservation Committee Chair)
Zak Sutton (Education Committee Member)
Megan Skrip (Communications Committee Member)

Members at Large 2021 & 2022
Nate Powazki

Webmaster and BirdNotes Listserve Manager: Jeff Bryant