Spring Bird-a-Thon

The Bird-a-thon is our annual fundraiser, and is held in May. It starts the Sunday after the Illinois Spring Bird Count and lasts one week. Check our current event calendar or newsletter for more information.

During the Birdathon, teams eagerly search for as many bird species they can find. Pledge donations are based on the number of species seen by your selected team, or
you may pledge a flat amount. Please participate or choose a team and pledge your support!

2017 teams:

  1. Old-timers: Jim Smith, Beth Chato (2016: 92 species)
  2. The Big Sit: Beez Gordon, Helen Parker (2016: 39)
    Urbana Park Rangers: Judy Miller & staff (2016: 132)
  3. Forest Preserve Rangers: Dan Olson & staff (2016: 132)
  4. Krazy Kayakers: Peter & Betsy Kuchinke (2016: 71)
  5. Ghostbusters: Charlene Anchor, Janet Jokela (2016: 40)
  6. Northeast Corner: Susan & Brian Stearns (2016: 86)
  7. Or form your own team! Go where you like and collect pledges from friends

For more info, contact Beth Chato by email or at 344-6803.

Citizen Science: Annual Bird Counts

We participate in several bird counts throughout the year. Any members, regardless of skill level, are welcome!

Check our  current event calendar or newsletter for more information.

  • Eagle Count: January
    The annual Eagle Count is coordinated by Illinois Audubon. CCAS members count eagles on the Illinois River between Havana & Beardstown, usually in early January.
  • Great Backyard Bird Count: February
    Held in mid-February each year, this nationwide count is sponsored by National Audubon and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Participants count birds for at least 15 minutes on one or more days of the GBBC anywhere they wish: yard, a local park or preserve, etc. They then report results on the GBBC website. You may also download the free eBird Mobile app to enter data on a mobile device. CCAS also usually schedules an official observation time at the Anita Purves Nature Center bird viewing window. 

  • Illinois Spring Bird Count: May
    The Illinois Spring Bird Count was initiated by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources in 1975. It occurrs annually on the Saturday that falls between May 4th and May 10th.

  • Christmas Bird Count: December-Jan
    The Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is a program of the National Audubon Society and provides a long-term database on bird populations. CBCs are held all over North America, and have begun to be held in Central & South America as well. Champaign County has been participating for more than 50 years. The CCAS count is always held the first Saturday of the count period  (Dec 14 – Jan 5). 

    Other counts that some CCAS members also participate in:
    – Clinton Lake
    – Forest Glen
    – Middle Fork

    More Info about CBC’s

    Map of Count Circles in the U.S.

White-eyed Vireo Photo: Jeff Bryant

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